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How To Use TikTok Live Studio

Here's how to use TikTok Live Studio to stream from your PC to TikTok LIVE.

We will look at how to set it up including adding your chat, adding alerts and adding goals on the screen.

We'll also look at how to import scenes from OBS.

How Do I Get Access?

Head to to see if you have access. If it redirects to the For You Page then you don't have access.

If you don't have access, then it's been proven that setting a VPN to the UK will help you download it. You can use my NORDVPN link to get up to 69% off.

Getting Started

Once you've downloaded and installed it just click the log-in button to connect your account. The QR code login is usually the fastest method.

Beginner Set Up

Regardless of your skill level, I highly recommend using the beginner set-up tool.

Start by choosing your microphone from the drop-down list. Then choose the correct camera.

Next up, it will speed-test your internet. It will then recommend you the correct settings for your upload speed.

In the video below, my real upload is 15 Mbps but Live Studio is stuck on 6.91. This is a bug. It recommends the correct settings once the test is complete.

Recommended Advanced Settings

Staying on the upload page it is VERY IMPORTANT to change from a software encoder to a hardware encoder. This massively reduces lag. Click on advanced settings at the bottom of the page and use these settings:

If you have issues with the H265 encoder you can also use the H264 one.

Finally, select "Full-screen desktop + Camera" and your setup should be complete.

Suggested Features

Camera Background Removal

Right click the camera source on the left. Select settings and click on "foreground removal". Now you've completely removed your background. That simple!

Follow, Gift or Sub Goals


Show Chat On Screen

Remove Background Noise

Portrait vs Landscape

How To Go LIVE

This one is pretty simple. Just hit the Start button at the bottom and it will ask you for an optional cover image, a title and a category. Once that's done just hit GO LIVE and you're good to go.

Hop into my Discord if you have any questions or check out my Fiverr page if you'd like help setting up Live Studio.

Thanks for reading!


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