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TikTok LIVE Studio vs OBS Studio vs Streamlabs Desktop - Which Gets More TikTok LIVE Views?

It's the age-old question. Should I use TikTok LIVE Studio, OBS Studio or Streamlabs Desktop to livestream from my computer to TikTok?

Here are four pros and cons of each.

LIVE Studio Pros

  1. Made by TikTok - Therefore it has access to more data than OBS or Streamlabs. For example, you can see viewer count, you can set up chat moderation and more.

  2. Simple setup - The setup process is beginner-friendly and even includes themes.

  3. Unique features - Things like multi-guest, compatibility mode, guessing game and gift animations are all exclusive to LIVE Studio.

  4. Easiest to access - It's based on a "simple" follower requirement usually between 500 and 10,000 followers depending on whether you're a gaming account. No hoop jumping like application forms or Creator Networks.

LIVE Studio Cons

  1. Many bugs - Despite over two years of development it seems that with every update a new bug appears. TikTok must work harder to QA test their product.

  2. Resource intensive - It uses far more of your GPU and CPU than OBS does. Try the H265 mode or 720p if this causes problems for you.

  3. Lack of customisation - It's not possible to install plugins and there are far fewer settings. For example, there's a complete lack of audio filters.

  4. No multistreaming - You're stuck just streaming to TikTok. No access to Twitch, Kick or YouTube here.


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OBS Studio - Pros

  1. Very efficient - It uses the least amount of CPU and GPU resources compared to SL or LS. Super efficient on your computer resources.

  2. Loads of plugins - OBS is open source which allows anybody to create awesome plugins for it. My favourite is Aitum Vertical which adds in a vertical canvas and allows you to multistream and use the same camera on two canvases.

  3. More settings - Way more settings than OBS. This includes a ton of audio filters and loads of effects and filters on every single source.

  4. Can multistream - The ability to add plugins means you can install multistream plugins such as the Streamlabs Plugin for OBS. This makes multistreaming easy!

OBS Studio - Cons

  1. Feels overwhelming - When you first open OBS it can feel overwhelming. So many settings and options!

  2. Needs a stream key - You need to be in a free-to-join Creator Network to get a stream key. Don't worry, I have a verified list! The process can take 15 days, hence I've listed it as a con.

  3. Lacks TikTok features - You can't access features like guessing game, gift animations, multiguest and more.

  4. No built-in themes - Both OBS and SL have themes and overlays built in. However, OBS requires third-party plugins for this, making it more cumbersome to add them.

Streamlabs Desktop - Pros

Note: want to try Streamlabs Ultra for $9 off? Just use my affiliate link. It also supports my work!

  1. Easy multistreaming - This is a big one for me personally. You can multistream for free on two platforms or with Ultra on up to ten platforms. More reach, more monetisation and more protection from false bans.

  2. Beginner-friendly - Compared to OBS it feels easier to use.

  3. Loads of themes - There are a ton of built-in themes for both overlays and alerts.

  4. Two ways to get access - You can either get a stream key from a Creator Network or you can just apply for access. Two access methods mean more people are able to unlock it.

Streamlabs Desktop - Cons

  1. Not as customisable - It doesn't support plugins like OBS does, meaning you can't customise it as much.

  2. Resource intensive - Although it's built on OBS infrastructure, they've added their own features on top. This means that it uses more GPU or CPU than OBS.

  3. Freemium model - Some features like full access to themes are locked behind Ultra. Don't forget you can use my affiliate link to try Ultra for $9 off!

  4. Lacks TikTok features - As with OBS, there's no access to specific features like multi-guest, gift animations, guessing game and more.

My Thoughts

Poll showing that 50% of Harry's community uses LIVE Studio, 36% use OBS and 14% use Streamlabs.

Content is king. My poll above clearly shows my community is split across all three. And that tells me that the TikTok algorithm doesn't care which you're on and wants you to create the best possible content and build the strongest community.

Thanks for reading!


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