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Five Ways To Access TikTok LIVE Computer Streaming In 2024

Want to stream from a PC or Mac to TikTok LIVE? Here's how to unlock access.

1: Stream Key

Check out my verified list of agencies. They are free to join and can get you a stream key. That web page is comprehensive and includes a video walkthrough.

2: Streamlabs Application

Wanna stream from Streamlabs Desktop? Just apply for access. Once approved, all you go is hit "go live" on Streamlabs.

On the application, try adding a link to your Twitch and say you have 10 concurrent viewers.

3: VPN

Get an exclusive deal with my affiliate link -

In the past, it was possible to set your VPN to the US or UK and unlock computer streaming. This is mostly patched now.

Of course, a VPN can also protect your IP, unlock region-based content and help you create accounts in other countries.


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4: Falcon Application

This is another application form that if accepted gives you access to a stream key or LIVE Studio. Apply here -

5: LIVE Studio

You will automatically unlock access to LIVE Studio once you hit a certain follower count. This can be anywhere from 500 to 10,000 based on whether TikTok thinks you're a gamer.

Check here to see if you have access -

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