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💡 Book A 1-On-1


Want to boost your income, get more viewers and raise that follower count? Book a private 1-on-1 call with me! 🔥 

Here's what we can talk about:

​✅ 🎯 Your goals for TikTok LIVE and your wider content strategy.

✅ 💰 Strategies to make more money through gifts and subscribers.

✅ 🤖 How to use technology to increase the engagement in your LIVEs.

✅ 📚 Livestreaming best practices that will help you build a strong community.

​✅ 🧠 Learn from my three years of experience as a computer streamer.

❌ 🖥️ NOT FOR TIKTOK SHOP or phone streamers. I specialise in computer streaming.

​❌ 💼 NOT FOR MOST BUSINESSES. Reach out to me to discuss whether I can help.


75+ Five Star Reviews

Caz, Streamer and Founder, FTTV Agency

“Harry knows these programs inside and out. He's quick to point out best practices to help you avoid pit falls. During our session he took remote control and explained every modification in detail. At the end he sent a recording of the entire session, if and when I need to refer back. Hire Harry.”

Rogue64, Singer and Performer

Harry was very helpful, friendly and patient as I asked lots of questions and interrupted him a few times.. lol.. Harry knows his way around these programs! He explained everything to me as he was doin it and it helped me learn more about the programs and how they work! FANTASTIC SUPPORT! A very smart young man! I highly recommend Harry for all your live stream needs!

Highstakebreaks, Card Pull Company

“Harry was amazing every step of the way. He had great communication, and he really went out of his way to ensure that we were satisfied with our stream set up. He also took his time to explain stuff so that we knew what we were doing on our own after his work was done. I would highly recommend Harry to anyone.”

Read over 75 five-star reviews on Fiverr.

🧔 About Me


Hey, It's Harry. 👋

I'm a TikTok LIVE streamer, content creator and educator.

Book a 1-on-1 chat with me to discuss your livestreaming goals. 

I was one of the first ever people to stream from a computer to TikTok.


I'll share everything I've learned with you and we'll build a strategy that is tailored to your needs.

A professional headshot of TikTok LIVE expert Harry. Book a call with him now!

💬 Areas I Can Help With

🔑 Getting Access

Unfortunately, TikTok makes it difficult to simply gain access to computer streaming. I'll help you get access to LIVE Studio or a stream key.

💻 Technology

I'll show you how to use the latest technology to increase engagement in your streams and bring in more viewers, followers and subscribers.

🌹 More Gifts

TikTok's algorithm favours streams with more gifters. Get actionable strategies that will help you earn more per viewer from gifting.

⭐ More Subs

How to make the most of TikTok LIVE subscriptions. I'll share proven strategies to get more paid subscribers and crucially, get them to renew every month.

👥 Community Building

Building a strong community is the key to success with livestreaming. We'll look at how to do this and I'll show you how other creators have successfully done this.

🔴 Multistreaming

How to use the latest technology to stream to multiple platforms. Get more viewers, more followers and make more money without damaging your brand.

This is just a sample of the most commonly asked topics in my calls. I am of course happy to talk about anything related to content creation. Did you know I also have a YouTube Shorts channel with over 200,000 subscribers?

Contact me if you have any questions or concerns about 1-on-1 calls!

📆 Book Your Spot

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