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Streamer vs Viewer 2.0 - Improved TikTok LIVE Cube Game For Minecraft Java

The popular box game has been improved with a countdown timer added plus TNT rain!

Firstly, if you haven't got a basic version of the cube game set up then follow this guide or this video.

Let's go through all the improvements.

1: TNT Rain

Download the jar file of the DelayedTNT plugin. Then just drop it into your plugins folder and restart the server.

In the game, type something like "/tntrain 20 0.1 4 PlayerName" to get TNT rain. First number: amount of TNT. Second: Delay between each TNT spawn. Third: Fuse time.

2: Countdown Timer

Similarly, download the jar file of the CubicCountdown plugin. Drop it into your plugins folder and restart the server.

In the game, type "/cc setup" to start the setup process.

3: Different Sized Boxes

Use ChatGPT and after sending it your first prompt, ask it to "make it 13x13x13 instead". This increases the box from 10x10x10. You can ask for any dimensions.

🤖 *ChatGPT Prompt*

My Minecraft coordinates are X 0, Y 100 and Z 0. Please do the math on these commands for me. Bedrock block ►► /fill X Y Z X+11 Y+11 Z+11 bedrock. Hollow it out ►► /fill X+1 Y+1 Z+1 X+10 Y+10 Z+10 air. Remove roof ►► /fill X Y+11 Z X+11 Y+11 Z+11 air. Do not show your calculations.

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4: Minor Improvements

  • To get permanent daytime type "/time set day" followed by "/gamerule doDaylightCycle false".

  • Go into your video options and use GUI Scale 2 so you can see the title text.

  • You can give yourself something other than a diamond block. Try "/give PlayerName gold_block".

  • On the TikFinity actions/events page make sure the queue size is 1,000 (scroll down a bit).

5: Test Everything

Don't forget you can test everything using the simulator at the bottom of the Actions & Events page on TikFinity.

If you want to test your countdown timer then just use a fill command to fill the entire block with diamond blocks. Then remove and replace one block to start the countdown.

TIP: You can copy/paste your reset command and simply replace "air" with "diamond_block".

If you need any help you can reach me below!

Thanks for reading!


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