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Free Interactive TikTok LIVE Minecraft Game

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

The streamer tries to fill a cube with diamond blocks. The viewers send gifts to spawn TNT or reset the game. The streamer makes money. The viewers have fun!

1: Set Up The TikFinity Minecraft Java Plugin

If you don't have this set up then either follow this guide or this video.

2: Give Yourself Operator and Creative Mode

Into your console (the run.bat thing) type "op USERNAME" to get the operator role. Then inside Minecraft type "/gamemode creative" to go into creative mode.

3: ChatGPT Magic - Build The Cube

AI is going to help us easily build the box. First press F3 on your keyboard to get your XYZ Minecraft coordinates. They'll be in the top left.

Now head to ChatGPT and copy the prompt below and replace "0", "100" and "0" with your real X, Y and Z coordinates.

My Minecraft coordinates are X 0, Y 100 and Z 0. Please do the math on these commands for me. Bedrock block ►► /fill X Y Z X+11 Y+11 Z+11 bedrock. Hollow it out ►► /fill X+1 Y+1 Z+1 X+10 Y+10 Z+10 air. Remove roof ►► /fill X Y+11 Z X+11 Y+11 Z+11 air. Do not show your calculations.

Then simply paste each Minecraft command into your Minecraft console and it should look something like the screenshot below!

Screenshot showing a hollow bedrock cube that is 10x10x10.

Finally type "/give USERNAME diamond_block" to give yourself a diamond block you can continually place inside the cube.

4: Install TNT Plugin

Head to this page and download the jar folder and place it inside your plugins folder of your server. Now restart the server.

A screenshot of the plugins folder of a PaperMC server. It shows the delayedtnt jar file placed there.

This is going to help us spawn TNT way more easily.

Now it is time to set up the TikTok side of things!


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5: Set Up TikFinity Actions and Events For TNT

To repeat what I said earlier, make sure the TikFinity Minecraft integration is set up.

Head to the Actions/Events page. Now create 4 new actions and choose the amounts of TNT for each action. Don't forget the duplicate button next to each action makes it easier!

Screenshot of the top third of a new TikFinity action. The action name is "10 TNT" and Show Alert says "Sent {giftname} and spawned 10 TNT."

Screenshot of the middle third of a new TikFinity action. The executed Minecraft command is "tnt 10 0 1", the display duration is 4 seconds.

Screenshot of the bottom third of a new TikFinity action. Repeat With Gift Combos is checked.

If you get the red error message like in my screenshot then make sure the screen 1 URL is added to LIVE Studio as a link source or OBS as a browser source.

Now create some new events. Choose the coin threshold each event is applied to.

An event for sending a gift with min coin values. The value is set to 500. The 10 TNT action is selected,

6: Create A RESET Action/Event

Now we make a reset action. The viewers can send a specific gift to completely remove all of your diamond blocks and "reset" the game.

First, head back to your ChatGPT page and find the second command.

Screenshot of our chatgpt history showing the second minecraft command highlighted.

Now copy the block of code below and add in your ChatGPT command without the slash.


Inside TikFinity create a new event like below.

A gif of the reset command action. Show Alert says "Sent {giftname} and reset the game." The minecraft command is variable. Mine says "execute at WG_Mojo run fill 10 66 8 19 75 17 air". Repeat with gift combos is checked.

Now create a new event and choose a specific gift like Money Gun.

A event for sending a money gun. The reset action is assigned to it.

Final Checks

Your events should look something like below. Also increase the queue size like in the screenshot!

Screenshot showing 5 TikFinity events. 4 of them spawn TNT and one is a reset event. The screen 1 queue size is set to 1k.

All done! For stability, I suggest you use the TikFinity desktop app.

Thanks for reading!


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