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OBS Set Up - Stream On TikTok From Your PC or Mac

This is how to stream to TikTok LIVE from a PC or Mac in 2023 using OBS Studio.

Obtain Your Stream Key

Start by following these steps to get your stream key. If you can't find your key check out this article that I wrote.

  1. On a PC or Mac head to your TikTok profile and log in.

  2. Click on Go LIVE and it will redirect you to

  3. Click Go LIVE at the bottom of the page.

  4. Pick a stream category and stream title and click Save & Go LIVE. Don't worry, you're not properly LIVE yet!

  5. Now you can see your server URL and your stream key. If you can't find your stream key check further down.

Install OBS

If you haven't already, install OBS Studio on Windows or Mac.

If you're a new OBS user, skip all of the set-up dialogue.

For current OBS users, click Profile at the top and make yourself a new "TikTok" profile. Do not run the auto-configuration. Then click Scene Collection at the top and make yourself some new "TikTok Scenes".

You should now have a blank version of OBS.

Need Help Setting Things Up?

Check out my Fiverr page where I offer a whole range of live streaming services including stream setup.

Important Settings To Change

Let's start by changing some very important settings.

Click File > Settings.

1: Video Page - Choose Vertical or Landscape

Firstly, click on the Video page on the left.

Decide whether you will stream in vertical mode or landscape mode.

If you're streaming landscape then make sure the Output (Scaled) Resolution is set to 1920x1080. This means you will stream in 1080p.

If you're streaming in vertical (portrait) mode then manually type into both resolution boxes "1080x1920".

Set your FPS to 60.

2: Output Page - Change bitrate

Now click on Output on the left. Leave it in "Simple" mode unless you're an expert.

2,500 Kbps is a very bad bitrate and will give you a low-quality stream. Raise it to between 6,000 and 10,000.

There is no point in going above 10K as there will be no noticeable difference for a 1080p stream.

Make sure your encoder is set to Hardware encoding and not software.

All other default options should be fine.

Click Apply and OK to save all OBS settings.

Add Your Display and Camera

Now let's set up a basic stream by adding our display and camera.


Underneath sources at the bottom, click the + icon and choose display capture. Leave the capture method on automatic, choose the correct screen, leave Capture Cursor checked and click OK.

If you need to resize it then drag the red squares to do that or click and drag to move it. To perfectly centre, right-click and select transform and click centre to screen.


Add another new OBS source and this time select Video Capture Device. Select the correct camera from the list and change the resolution to Custom. Set the resolution to 1920x1080 and choose Highest FPS.

Leave all other options on the default unless you're a camera expert then click OK.

Add Your Speakers and Microphone

Now of course the viewers need to hear your computer audio and hear you. Let's add speakers and a mic and we'll add one important filter to the mic.

Add Speakers

Start by checking if OBS has already added your speakers to the Audio Mixer. If it has, click the 3 dots and click properties to make sure the right speakers are selected.

If not, add an Audio Output Capture source. Simply select the correct speakers from the list and click OK.

Add Microphone

Firstly if your webcam mic is active already, click the speaker icon in the Audio Mixer to mute it.

Now, add an Audio Input Capture source. Just pick your microphone from the list and click OK.

Important Noise Filter

This tip is my most important tip for improving audio quality. Enable noise suppression to block the sound of things like PC fans, AC etc.

To do that, click the 3 dots next to the mic and select filters. Now click the plus in the bottom left and add noise suppression then simply click OK.

Enter Your Stream Key

Finally, get your stream key from

Click Settings and click on Stream and set the service to Custom and copy and paste in your server URL and stream key. Then click OK.

Before And After Going LIVE

Now you're ready to hit start streaming and you'll be live on TikTok straight away.

When you're done streaming you have to end the LIVE in two places. Firstly just hit stop streaming in OBS and then inside the live centre hit the stop button at the bottom and you'll be given the stats from your stream.


If you don't have a stream key, check out these alternatives.

1: TikTok LIVE Studio

TikTok has developed its own application for streaming and it doesn't need a stream key. You can learn how to get access here.

2: Mobile Gaming

Even without access to LIVE Studio or a stream key you can go live from a PC/Mac using the mobile gaming option.

3: Phone Cameras

You might think it's not worth streaming just with your phone cameras but did you know that the majority of top streamers in the weekly ranking are just using their phone cameras?

Happy streaming. Hop into my Discord if you need help.

Thanks for reading!


Hire me on Fiverr - Book a 1-on-1 - Discord - YouTube


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