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How To Get Access To TikTok LIVE Studio

Here's how to get access to TikTok LIVE Studio so you can go LIVE from your PC without a stream key. This includes a way for anybody to download it as well as a fix if TikTok blocks you from going LIVE.

Downloading LIVE Studio

To download LIVE Studio, head to and click the "Get access" button then click on "Free download for Windows".

Help. I Got Redirected To The FYP!

If you get redirected to the For You Page then don't panic. There is an easy fix. Just use my Google Drive link to download it. Or if you don't trust a Google Drive link, keep reading!

Download LIVE Studio With A VPN

You can use NordVPN or any other VPN to download LIVE Studio. Just set your VPN to a UK location then head to and you will no longer be redirected to the For You Page!

My NordVPN link gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try this risk-free.

I Have Access But It Blocks Me From Going LIVE

Many people have reported being able to download LIVE Studio but then can't press the start streaming button. It just gives them the error message below:

Luckily, we've found a fix, which is using a VPN. Simply set any VPN to a UK-based location and you can bypass this error message.

Even luckier for you, NordVPN has provided my readers with a discount along with a 30-day money-back guarantee which you can claim here.

Full Guide

So getting access to LS is as simple as that. If you want to learn more about using it then check out my guide here.

Thanks for reading!


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