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How To Find Your TikTok LIVE Stream Key In 2023

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Here's how to find your TikTok LIVE stream key in 2023 and how to add it to OBS Studio.

  1. On a PC or Mac head to your TikTok profile and log in.

  2. Click on Go LIVE and it will redirect you to

  3. Click Go LIVE at the bottom of the page.

  4. Pick a stream category and stream title and click Save & Go LIVE. Don't worry, you're not properly LIVE yet!

  5. Now you can see your server URL and your stream key. If you can't find your stream key check further down.

  6. Open OBS settings, click Stream and choose the "Custom..." service as done below. Copy in the server URL and stream key.

  7. Press start stream in OBS!

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Help! I Can't Find My Stream Key

Here's every known method for getting a stream key.

1: Agency Method

You can reach out to agencies affiliated with TikTok and they can help you get a key. Unfortunately, so far I've only been able to identify a US-based agency. You must be 18+ and American to use this agency. The agency is CaterPulse and can be contacted on Twitter.

2: TikTok Contact

If you have a contact at TikTok, reach out to them and ask about a stream key. Alternatively, if you're at an industry event such as TwitchCon then look out for a TikTok staff member. This worked for SanchoWest!

3: Wait

I know you don't want to hear this but if you can't do either of the first two methods then sometimes you just have to wait.

For me, my stream key just randomly appeared one day.

To increase your chances some people have suggested that frequently streaming for over 25 minutes can help.

Stream Key Alternatives

1: TikTok LIVE Studio

TikTok has developed its own application for streaming and it doesn't need a stream key. You can learn how to get access here.

2: Mobile Gaming

Even without access to LIVE Studio or a stream key you can go live from a PC/Mac using the mobile gaming option.

3: Phone Cameras

You might think it's not worth streaming just with your phone cameras but did you know that the majority of top streamers in the weekly ranking are just using their phone cameras?

Happy streaming. Hop into my Discord if you need help!

Thanks for reading!


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