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How To Set Up An Interactive Gaming LIVE on TikTok

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

My streaming setup helps me make more money from subscriptions and gifts.

Using this setup I've been able to convert anywhere from 5% to 25% of viewers into followers by using these follower alerts.

Also, the viewers can have some fun by sending specific gifts to control my game and sending other gifts to play funny sounds.

So here's how you can set up your own interactive gaming stream for TikTok using TikFinity.

Stream Key Or LIVE Studio Needed

For this, you need either access to a stream key or access to TikTok LIVE Studio. I'm gonna assume you have access to one of these and I'll assume you've set up your mic, speakers, camera and display.

If you haven't got access to PC streaming or if you haven't done your basic stream set-up yet then check this guide to learn how to get LIVE Studio or this one to learn about stream keys.

Alerts For New Follows, Subs and Gifts

Let's start with the basics of any interactive stream which is alerts. We'll use TikFinity for this. Signing up with this link will give you a discount on the Pro version of TikFinity.

Anyway, you can do most of this for free and we'll start by adding alerts for new followers, gifts, subs and likes.

This step is basically the same for all of them so I'll only show this once. Start by clicking on "Actions & Events" and then click "Create new Action".

1: Make Three New Actions

  • Name each action "New Gift/Follower/Sub".

  • Click "Show Animation" and pick any animation to go behind your alert.

  • Click "Show Alert". This shows their username and profile pic. Now add custom text. "Thanks for following!", "sent {giftname} x {repeatcount}!" or "HAS JUST SUBSCRIBED ON TIKTOK. {submonth} MONTH SUB!"

  • For gifts and subs enable TTS. "{username} subscribed for {submonth} months!" or "{username} thanks for the {repeatcount} {giftname}!".

  • Lower the alert duration if you want then leave all other options as the default.

  • Save.

2: Make Three New Events

  • The events are triggered by "Follow", "Subscribe" and "Sending a gift with min coin value" (set this to 1).

  • "Trigger all of these actions" is the corresponding action. This will be "New Follow", "New Sub" and "New Gift".

  • Save.

3: Add Screen 1 To OBS or LIVE Studio

  • Scroll down to "Overlay Screen Settings" and click on the blue Screen 1 URL to copy it.

  • Add a new source in OBS or LIVE Studio. In OBS it's called a Browser Source and in LS it's called a Link Source.

  • Paste the URL into the box. Enable sound in LS. It's done by default in OBS.

  • Customise the dimensions if you wish.

4: Test Your Alerts

  • Go back to TikFinity to the Actions & Events page.

  • Scroll up to Actions.

  • Click the play icon next to each action then look at OBS/LS.

  • You should see your new alert playing

Need Some Help?

Feeling overwhelmed? Check out my Fiverr page. I'd be happy to assist!

Like Goal

Adding a like goal will help keep the viewers engaged and help you gain more viewers.

  1. Click "Goal Overlays" on TikFinity.

  2. Set an initial like goal. I suggest a low one such as 250 or 500.

  3. I suggest choosing "Increase goal" or "Double goal". This either increases it by the goal amount (250, 500, 750, 1000, 1250 etc) or doubles every time (250, 500, 1000. 2000 etc).

  4. Click "Copy URL".

  5. Add a new source in OBS or LIVE Studio. In OBS it's called a Browser Source and in LS it's called a Link Source.

  6. Paste the URL into the box.

  7. Customise the dimensions if you wish. I like to change the width to 500.

Viewers Control Your Game

Incentivise gifting in your LIVE by letting viewers control your game by sending specific gifts. Unfortunately, this can't be done automatically yet so you'll have to manually follow their requests.

This works by using TikFinity's text-to-speech feature (TTS). Once you receive a gift, you will be commanded to do the chosen action.

Let's set up a "Drop Your Items!" alert.

  • Make a new action

  • Make sure TTS is enabled and make sure it tells you what to do. "{username} sent {giftname}. drop your items.".

  • Add some screen text if you want. "says drop all items!".

  • Set "repeat with gift combos" if appropriate. e.g. get 3 of the same gift and the TTS reads it out 3 times.

  • Save action.

  • Make a new event.

  • Choose "Sending a specific gift" and choose the relevant gift. e.g. Sunglasses to drop items. Remember 200 coins = $1.

  • Assign the correct action to the event.

  • Save event.

  • If you didn't add screen 1 to OBS or LS then go to 3: Add Screen 1 To OBS or LIVE Studio.

  • Now test. 4: Test Your Alerts

Play Funny Or Distracting Sounds After Getting Gifts

Another way you can encourage gifting in your gaming stream is to let viewers trigger funny sounds after sending gifts.

We do this on the Sound Alerts page of TikFinity and it's super simple.

  1. Click "Create Sound Alert".

  2. Choose your gift trigger. For example, rose.

  3. Choose your sound from the massive library of sounds or upload your own. Try searching for "Buzzer".

  4. Tick play sounds simultaneously.

It's that simple. In our example, the viewers can now spam a buzzer sound by sending roses.

Viewers Control Your Game Or Talk To You With TTS

Using a simple command such as "!tts" the viewer can either control your game or just use it to chat. I strongly recommend you set this to subs and gifters only to prevent abuse.

  • On TikFinity, click "TTS Chat".

  • Under "Allowed Users", untick "All Users" and "Followers".

  • Under "Comment Types" choose one of the bottom 3 options. I use a custom "!tts" command.

  • Scroll down and type "{username} says {comment}" into the advanced box.

  • Add a user cooldown. If you are letting them control your game I suggest a longish one.

Done! Now the subs/gifters can control your game.

For example, they could type "!tts drop your items" and the TTS would tell you to drop everything.

Show Viewers What They Can Send

Your interactive gaming LIVE is now set up.

All that's left to do is for you to tell the viewers what they can send.

You can add some text on the screen or make a nice graphic to put on screen. You could also post a video about it before going live.

Don't forget if you need help you can hop into my Discord or message me on Fiverr.

Thanks for reading!


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