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GTA5 King Of The Hill - TikTok LIVE Plugin

This plugin places you on a ramp and viewers send gifts to spawn vehicles or props and knock you down the ramp. They can also reset you to the bottom.

Let's set this up!

1: Close GTA5

Complete the tutorial in story mode then CLOSE GTA5.

2: KeepMyLive

Head to KeepMyLive and make an account then at the top set your username.

3: Discord

Join the KeepMyLive Discord. It should be linked in the top right corner of their site or here.


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4: Find The Latest Brooxline

Find the King Of The Hill channels. This contains instructions for setup.

Then look for the "# brooxline-update" channel.

Screenshot showing the brooxline.exe file download location

Find the download link for the latest version of Brooxline and download and extract so that you have a exe file.

5: Set Up Brooxline

Double-click the new exe file and then type "gta-install koth". Then choose your default directory where GTA5 is installed.

6: Pick Your Props and Vehicles

Go to KeepMyLive's KOTH page.

Configure the correct settings.

To get prop names go here.

To get gift IDs go here.

Once you're happy with the setup, click generate.

7: Add The Key To Brooxline

Now click on the generated key to copy it.

Into Brooxline type "gta-token koth " then right click to paste the long key. Watch the video at the top if you're stuck.

8: Configure Reset In TikFinity

Create a TikFinity account on the setup page. Use the desktop app.

Make this reset action and make sure you check "repeat with gift combos".

The TikFinity action showing that "h" has been selected as a key on the simulator.

Now make this event

An event for sending a specific gift. The RESET action has been selected and the money gun gift too.

Scroll down and click on the URL of screen 1 and add it as a link source to LIVE Studio or browser source to OBS/Streamlabs.

9: Go LIVE

Go LIVE on TikTok.

10: Brooxline

Type into Brooxline "gstart koth".

11: Load GTA5

Load up GTA5 and head into story mode.

Type "H" on your keyboard.

You're now at the bottom of your ramp and ready to begin!

Here's the KeepMyLive Discord if you need help.

Thanks for reading!


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