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Viewers Control Your TikTok Stream With Webhooks

Want to notify Discord when you go live or get a big gift? How about letting viewers send gifts to change songs on Spotify, activate your Alexa, control your smart devices, post on your Twitter or do something crazy like turn off your PC?

The possibilities with TikFinity and IFTTT webhooks are endless and pretty easy to set up once you know how. If you're unfamiliar with TikFinity, I would suggest checking out my guide first.

So IFTTT stands for If This, Then That. In our case, "this" is a call from TikFinity and "that" is typically IFTTT controlling something.

Step 1: IFTTT Maker Webhooks

Regardless of what you use Webhooks for, these first 3 steps are always required.

Head to the IFTTT website, click explore then type in webhooks and click on it. Next, click documentation and copy the top URL on the page.

TikFinity will "call" this URL to enable your desired action.

Do not share this key with others. I'm only sharing mine because I can reset it before posting this.

Save this link somewhere like notepad or Google Docs. You will need this for everything we do.

Step 2: TikFinity Webhooks

Next up, head to TikFinity. Now on the Actions & Events page make yourself a new action or edit an existing one.

Tick the webhooks box and paste in your IFTTT webhook URL. Now we want to replace the "{event}" part of our webhook URL with a basic description of what happens.

While we're learning, we'll just type in "test", and then we can change it later.

Go ahead and save the action and now assign it to an event. I'll assign it to a command for now. We can easily edit this later.

Step 3: IFTTT Services

This step is gonna show us what services the viewers can control. It's also gonna be how TikFinity connects to IFTTT.

Click on Create in the top right of IFTTT. Click "If This" and type in webhooks and once clicked, choose "Receive a web request". Now type in the name of your request, you can just type "test" and change it later. This is how TikFinity connects to IFTTT.

Next, click "Then That" and now you have a gigantic list of everything your viewers can control. So just type in what you're looking for. Things like Discord, Spotify and Twitter are all there, along with many of the most popular smart devices too.

So these 3 steps are required for any TikFinity webhook. Now let's set up some specific examples and you can use the chapters to find what you want.

Step 4: Choose What The Viewers Will Do

Make sure you've done steps 1-3 first!

Notify Discord When Going LIVE

Notify Socials When A Large Gift Is Received

Viewers Control Spotify

Viewers Control Smart Speaker

Viewers Control Smart Lights And Other Smart Devices

Viewers Turn On/Off ANYTHING

Viewers Post On Your Social Media


Test Your Webhooks

It's really easy to test your webhooks. Just go to the Actions and Events page on TikFinity and press the play button to the left of your desired action.

If you need further help don't forget you can check out my Fiverr or come to my Discord.

Thanks for reading!


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