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TikTok LIVE Viewers Send Jumpscares or Control Your Game (GTA5, Minecraft and more!)

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Are you ready to revolutionize your TikTok LIVE streams? Chaos Tricks is here to transform your gaming sessions into an interactive playground where your viewers get to pull the strings!

1: Download Chaos Tricks and Connector

Make yourself a Chaos Tricks folder on your desktop.

Download Chaos Tricks here and place the ZIP inside the folder. You do NOT need the Twitch extension. Ignore it.

Next, download the Chaos Tricks connector which will link it to TikFinity and TikTok LIVE.

You should now have two ZIP files inside your Chaos Tricks folder. Choose the "extract here" option for both. It should look like below.

File structure of the Chaos Tricks folder.

2: Launch Chaos Tricks

Double-click ChaosConnector.exe and accept any security warnings. Now ignore any messages about an update and log in with Twitch. This is because that's the only way to create an account for Chaos Tricks.

Now just find the game you want from the list. Click the start button to start the game or click the i icon to get a guide for setting up each game.


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3: Link To TikTok LIVE

  1. Download the TikFinity Desktop App.

  2. Create a new action on the actions/events page.

  3. Choose the third-party option.

  4. Now simply pick the game and what happens.

  5. Save the action.

  6. Create a new event.

  7. Choose the trigger e.g. a rose.

  8. Choose the action from the list.

  9. Save the event.

All done! Your viewers can now control your game or send jumpscares.

This can be complex, so join my Discord for further help.

Thanks for reading!


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