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TikTok LIVE Interactive Keyboard Control Stream - Full TikFinity Setup

Ever seen those streams where somebody is "sleeping" or just letting their viewers send gifts to control their keyboard? Here's how to do it!

This requires access to LIVE Studio or a stream key.

1: Create a Graphic

Create a graphic like the one below using Canva. Mine is just a basic example, consider adding a background! Get gift images from the TikFinity sound alerts page.

A graphic showing a keyboard with tiktok gift images overlayed on top

2: Add to LIVE Studio or OBS

Now choose whether you're showing a looped video of yourself sleeping or whether you'll be present on camera. Set up LIVE Studio in vertical mode (same steps for OBS). Go from the bottom third to the top third.

  1. Add source > image

  2. Add source > display capture (for your game)

  3. Add source > video (choose the loop option) OR Add source > camera (to show yourself)


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3: TikFinity

Create actions and events. When creating actions make sure you enable them compatibility mode for keystrokes.

Here's an overview. NOTE that W/S share a screen and so do A/D.

Overview of the actions/events


Use the duplicate button to save time.

Also note that 1,000ms = 1s.

W key TikFinity action top half. Show Alert and Read Text is activated.

W key TikFinity action bottom half. Simulate keystrokes is selected. Repeat with gift combos is selected.

Keystroke config options. Importantly, compatibility mode is checked and a key hold duration has been set.


A TikFinity event with the rose chosen as a gift and the W Key action selected

Scroll down and increase the queue size to 1K or lower it to control the flow of gifts. Add screen 1 and screen 2 as link sources to LS/OBS.

4: Test

Launch your game.

In TikFinity press the play icon next to your actions to test. You then have 5 seconds to go into your game and the key will activate. You should also see an alert in LS/OBS.

For more detail, watch the video at the top of the page.

Thanks for reading!


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