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Enhancing Your Streams with TikFinity's VoiceMod Integration

Streaming platforms have evolved significantly, offering various tools to enhance viewer interaction and engagement. One such tool is TikFinity's integration with VoiceMod, which allows streamers to change their voice in real-time based on viewer interactions like follows, gifts, subs, and likes. This technology not only adds a fun element to the streams but also encourages more viewer participation.

Setting Up VoiceMod with TikFinity

To leverage this feature, you'll need both TikFinity and VoiceMod applications installed on your PC or Mac. The setup is straightforward:

  1. Install VoiceMod: Start by downloading and installing VoiceMod. During setup, ensure that your normal voice is set to "Clean," and other voices are available for selection.

  2. Integrate TikFinity: If you haven’t already, download and set up TikFinity. During setup, link your TikTok account and proceed to the actions and events page where the magic happens.

  3. Connect VoiceMod with TikFinity: Ensure that TikFinity recognizes VoiceMod by creating an action to change your voice. This confirms that the two applications are successfully linked.

  4. Configure Your Microphone Settings: This is crucial for the integration to work correctly. In your streaming software (like LIVE Studio, OBS or Streamlabs), switch the microphone input to "VoiceMod Virtual Audio Device." This ensures that the altered voice, not your normal one, is broadcasted.


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Engaging Viewers with Voice Changes

Once set up, you can create specific actions in TikFinity that trigger different voices when viewers interact with your stream:

  • Setting Voice Actions: Define what triggers a voice change—be it a specific type of gift, a follow, or a sub. For example, setting a voice change for 5 seconds when a viewer sends a sunglasses gift.

  • Customizing Voice Options: Choose from various voices in VoiceMod and set them as reactions to different viewer actions. You can also decide how long the voice change lasts during the stream.

Testing and Going Live

Before going live, it’s essential to test the setup:

  • Simulate Interactions: Use TikFinity's event simulator to mimic viewer interactions and ensure that the voice changes as expected.

  • Record and Review: Record a segment of your stream while testing the voice changes to confirm everything is working seamlessly.


TikFinity's integration with VoiceMod not only enhances the streaming experience but also brings a unique and interactive element to your broadcasts. By setting up and using these tools effectively, you can create a more engaging and entertaining environment that stands out in the crowded streaming space.

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