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The ULTIMATE TikTok LIVE Chat Bot - TikFinity Tutorial

There is finally a chatbot for TikTok live streams!

With the bot, you can add chat commands (e.g. !pc) and automatically type in chat when you get gifts, subs and more.

1: Set Up TikFinity

Click above and head to the setup page to make an account or log back in.

2: Download The Client

Download the client and run the installer.

Log back in on the setup page.

3: Change Some Settings

Go to the bottom of the setup page and connect your TikTok account and disable the server-side connection.

4: Enable Chatbot

Go to the chatbot page and check the box to enable it.

Congrats, the chatbot is now enabled!

Need Some Help?

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Suggested Uses

Here are my top suggestions for using the chatbot

Custom Commands

Thank Viewers For Gifts/Subs

There are many more uses too. Your imagination is the limit.

Thanks for reading!


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