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Revolutionize Your TikTok Streams with These Hidden Minecraft Gems

Here are 5 Minecraft Java plugins to get you more gifts and money on TikTok LIVE.

1: Just One Block

Use code HARRY to get 33% off Just One Block. Get it here.

The streamer mines the block to 0 HP. The viewers send gifts to add or remove HP or change the pickaxe speed.

Viewers have fun. You make money.

A Minecraft player holding a pickaxe next to a block with 1,000 HP

2: TikFinity Survival

Viewers send gifts to hurt you. For example, send a rose to spawn a creeper.

Viewers send gifts to help you. For example, send a TikTok to spawn an apple.

You can trigger ANY Minecraft Java command with this!


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3: Cube Game

Streamer fills up a cube with diamonds blocks. Viewers send gifts to spawn TNT and destroy the blocks.

thumbnail showing the cube game with a countdown

Check out my full guide here.

4: Tower Game

I haven't tried this one but it sounds fun.

Check out the Github page and the support Discord.

5: Ki Tech

An established Discord server that sells scripts for the cube game and stand alone games as well.

Join their Discord here.

Thanks for reading!


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