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How To Use TikFinity

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Let's set up TikFinity so we can get alerts for things like follows, subs and gifts and there's a whole host of other useful stuff too.

The important TikFinity features are free. My TikFinity affiliate link gives you 20% off if you ever decide to upgrade. More on that later.

TikFinity works best if you're streaming with LIVE Studio or with a stream key. Read the sound alerts section if you just stream from your phone.

Keep TikFinity open while you're live, and refresh the site if you find it isn't working.

Visit the Setup page to create an account.

Sound Alerts (Works for phone streamers)

Follower Alerts

Generic Gift Alerts

Need Help Setting Up TikFinity?

Specific Gift Alerts - Play Videos/Sound

Sub Alerts

Goal Overlays For Likes, Follows and more

Last X Overlays


Overlay Gallery - Chat Overlay and List of Gifters

TikFinity Pro

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