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How To Stream On TikTok From Your Mac

Sadly TikTok doesn't make this easy but here are both known methods to stream from an Apple Mac to TikTok LIVE.

1: Parallels

Get Parallels with my affiliate link:

This lets you run Windows from an M series or Intel Mac.

Once Parallels is running, you then proceed to install and set up TikTok LIVE Studio. This requires 1k, 3k or 10k followers depending on whether TikTok thinks you're a gaming account.

To learn more about setting up LIVE Studio check out my video guide or written guide.


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2: Stream Key

A stream key allows you to stream from OBS to TikTok from your Mac. To get a stream key in 2023 you need to join a TikTok LIVE agency.

Agencies are country-specific.

For US creators I recommend FTTV. Tell them Harry sent you then simply ask to join and ask for a stream key. They may require you to stream 20 hours per month.

Sadly I don't know agencies in other countries.

Once you have your stream key, check out this helpful YouTube playlist or search on YouTube "DeviceName How to stream with OBS" where "DeviceName" is your edition of Mac.


I wish it was easier to stream from Mac but these are the hoops you need to jump through sadly!

Thanks for reading!


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