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How To Set Up TikTok LIVE Studio In 2024

LIVE Studio has come a long way since its release. It's actually kinda good now! Let's set it up.


You need between 1,000 and 10,000 followers depending on your luck. If TikTok thinks you're a gaming account you generally get access faster. Try #gaming in a video and the word "game" in your bio.

You also need a mid-range PC or a gaming laptop to handle streaming and gaming.

This guide is for Windows. Mac users go here.

Download + Settings

Download it here.

Log in with QR code and then choose the beginner setup regardless of your skill.

Next up, pick the correct camera and mic.

For settings, if you have 15 meg+ of upload speed and the requirements stated above then use these settings:

Good quality settings for LS

Next up choose the compatibility mode or if you do not have it choose landscape/portrait.

Pick a theme if you want.


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Scenes and Sources

Let's set it up ourselves so we can learn.

Click on the blank scene on the left or click Add Scene and choose blank.

First, add your computer screen. Click Add Source and choose Display Capture. Check the "sync" option to add it to both landscape and portrait. If you want to make any changes click on the display capture on the left and then click the red squares to drag it around.

Next, add your camera. Click Add Source and choose Camera. Make sure you choose "sync" and also ensure your camera is 1920x1080 for high quality. By default, TikTok will give you the wrong camera settings.

Finally, you might want to add goals, alerts or other sources.

You should also consider adding TikFinity instead of using LIVE Studio's alerts.

If you ever want to change some settings then on the left just right-click your source and choose settings.

I strongly suggest you also right-click rename each source and also press the lock icon to lock each source.


You can press the button in the bottom left to add TikTok's pre-built themes.

If you do this then edit your camera settings or your camera will be 480p.

Audio Settings

These can be found towards the bottom next to the settings cog. I highly recommend you edit your microphone settings and enable the noise suppression at 50% to remove things like fan noise and AC.

If you use a capture card you might need to add it as a mic.

Chat Settings

Towards the right, you can configure all the live chat settings including adding moderators and banned words. I recommend creating an alt account and giving it mod then viewing your stream from your phone while you are live.

For much more detail watch the video guide at the top of the page.

Thanks for reading!


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