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How To Multistream To Kick And TikTok LIVE

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

With now having an incredible 95% sub split for creators it is becoming hard to ignore. So here is how to stream to both TikTok LIVE and Kick at the same time for free!


Let's start with the software you need.

Expand this list to see everything you need. It's all free.

OBS Set Up

Profiles and Scenes

Click Profile > New and name it Kick. Tick the box to run the auto-config wizard and optimise it for streaming.

Choose 60FPS and 1920x1080 settings.

Choose the custom service option and input your Kick URL and stream key. Untick the bandwidth test and set the bitrate to 6,000.

Accept the recommended settings and save.

Click Scene Collection > New and name it Kick Scenes. You'll now have a blank scene.

Scene Set Up

Click the + under Sources in the bottom left and add a display capture. Add the monitor you want to show to your Kick stream.

Now add a Video Capture Device source and select your camera from the list. Copy these camera settings and leave all the others as defaults.

Next, add an Audio Output Capture source and select your computer speakers or headset. You can test by playing any sound and watching the bar in the audio mixer.

Finally, add an Audio Input Capture and find your microphone. Importantly, right-click the Audio Input Capture once added and select Filters. In the bottom left of Audio Filters add a Noise Suppression filter, the default filter should be fine. This is a hugely important filter to improve mic quality.

Kick Alerts

Now head to Botrix and use any sign-in method. On your profile page connect your Kick account and follow their setup steps.

Now go to the Botrix alerts page and add the Widget URL as a browser source to OBS, the defaults should be fine.

Click on the Followers button on the alerts page to test a follow alert and check your OBS to see if it works.


You're probably finding this helpful if you've got this far.

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LIVE Studio Set Up

Time to set up LIVE Studio. But not so fast!

Stay on OBS and in the bottom right click Start Virtual Camera. This lets us show everything on OBS to our TikTok viewers. Or, just our camera if we prefer.

Add Scenes and Sources

Run through the basic LIVE Studio setup if you didn't already. Now in the top left choose whether you want landscape or portrait. Yes, landscape TikTok streams work just fine, I do this myself!

In the bottom left click Add Scene > Blank scene.

Now click Add Source > Camera. You want to add the OBS Virtual Camera with these settings.

Once added, click on it and click the stretch button to make it full-screen. By default, this shows your entire Kick stream to your TikTok viewers.

If you want to crop it down to show just your camera then you can hold the alt key and drag the white squares to crop.

Add any other sources you want. For example, portrait streamers might need to add a display capture to show their screen.


The button above the settings cog is your audio settings. Make sure the correct mic and speakers are added.

Also, go into the mic settings and enable the noise suppression if not done already.

If you use TikFinity you should also add your alerts as a link source.

OBS Alternative

If you've got money to invest then you can use Streamlabs Ultra instead of OBS. Not only will this let you stream to Kick, but you can also stream to 6 platforms at once with NO EXTRA upload speed or computing power used!

You can try Streamlabs Ultra for $10 off here:

Inside the settings of Streamlabs simply add all your accounts and enable the Streamlabs Virtual Cam which works exactly like the OBS one.

Enjoy your Kick and TikTok streams!

Thanks for reading!


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