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How To Livestream Looped Videos

Here is 4 different ways to stream looped video content.

Quick Copyright Warning

If you don't own the video you're streaming then the video owner can copyright strike you. This means you could be banned. Only stream content that you own!

1: TikTok LIVE Studio

TikTok LIVE Studio will allow you to broadcast looped content to your followers.

  1. Click Add Scene in the bottom left and choose "blank".

  2. Click Add Source and choose video.

  3. Find your video file and check the "loop" option.

  4. Resize the video to be full screen by dragging the squares or click the resize button.

Now just hit GO LIVE and you're streaming looped video to TikTok LIVE!

2: OBS

OBS works for any platform including Twitch, YouTube, Kick and more!

  1. Underneath sources, hit the plus button and choose Media.

  2. Name your source. For example, "Looped Video".

  3. Hit browse to find your video and check the "Loop" option.

Screenshot of OBS media source settings. Make sure "Loop" is checked.

All done. Just hit Start Streaming when ready!


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3: Streamlabs Ultra (Multistreaming)

Want to stream looped video to up to SEVEN platforms without using any extra upload speed or computer power? Then you want Streamlabs Ultra. Click my link to get $9 off the first month.

  1. Click the + button underneath sources.

  2. Choose media file and name it. It's usually the first option.

  3. Check the "Loop" option.

Screenshot of the media source options on Streamlabs. It shows the Loop option checked.

You're now ready to hit Start Streaming and stream to 7 different platforms!


This is another multistream method but based in your web browser. Use my link to get $10 off.

  1. Start the restream studio on the website.

  2. Turn off your camera/mic.

  3. On the left, uncheck the box with your name.

  4. Bottom middle, click + and choose "local video" and select your video file.

  5. On the left click the select box to add it to stream and click the loop icon.

Screenshot of restream studio. It shows the video being selected and the loop option clicked.

Enjoy your looped streams!

Thanks for reading!


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