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How To Fix The TikFinity Minecraft Plugin

Fix issues with "Failed To Verify Username" and more!

Failed To Verify Username

To fix this issue, you need to make sure you have purchased regular Minecraft Java.

Buy Minecraft Java from this link.

If you use a fake version of Minecraft then this will not work. Check out the FAQ on TikFinity's Discord to learn more about this.

Set Up Your Server Again

If you struggled to follow my first tutorial then here is a different way to set up your server. Often simply making another server will fix any issues.

Follow through this tutorial.

Be VERY CAREFUL. Do not miss steps. Don't forget to run the Java installer!

Don't Forget To Add ServerTap!

If you've just set up your server again then you need to add ServerTap again. This is so your server can talk to TikFinity.

Download the ServerTap jar file here. You must save it into the plugins folder and nowhere else! Example below.

A picture of the file explorer showing ServerTap's jar file is saved within the plugins folder.

Once saved. Stop your server by typing "stop" into the black console. Then double-click your run.bat (yours might be called start.bat). This will install ServerTap and restart the server.


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Default Password

On the setup page of TikFinity, scroll down to Minecraft connection and test your connection. You must have doubled clicked run.bat (sometimes called start.bat).

The default server password is "change_me".

Change Default Password

To change the default password head into the plugins folder and then into the ServerTap folder. Right-click the config.yml file > open with > notepad. Locate where it says "change_me" and change the password. You need to leave the single quotes in place.

Screenshot showing config.yml open. It shows the location of the password within the file.

Find Your Username

If you don't know your username this one is simple. Just log in to your server and check the console!

A screenshot of the console showing "WG_Mojo joined the game". This allows me to see my username.

Give Operator Role

This one is also super simple. Just type "op username".

A screenshot showing "op username" being typed into the console. The result is WG_Mojo being made a server operator.

Console Failed To Open

If your run.bat or start.bat simply fails to open then follow the FAQ in the TikFinity Discord. Here is the video it references. P.S. Your Java may be in the "Amazon Coretto" folder. NOT the "Java" folder.

A screenshot of the TikFinity Discord. The text reads "Be sure you have the latest Java version installed on your computer/server, adjust the start script (e.g. by changing java to your Java directory) and check if you have also adjusted it in the Java Home Environment ("

TikFinity FAQ

The TikFinity FAQ channel is frequently updated with fixes. So be sure to join their Discord for more help!

Thanks for reading!


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