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How To Create The Viral TikTok LIVE Animated Cat (Reacts To Gifts)

Here is how to make the animated cat that reacts to gifts on TikTok LIVE

1: Choose a name, gifts and voice lines

  • Gifts: You can use the Sound Alerts page on TikFinity to pick which gifts the cat will react to. You can also create "catch-all" voice lines for gifts which you didn't pick.

  • Name: I simply asked ChatGPT for black cat names. It suggested Shadow!

  • Voice lines: I explained to ChatGPT what I was doing and asked it for witty comments when viewers send virtual gifts. It created some great voice lines.

2: Generate AI Cat Voice

Now you need to generate the cat voice. There are loads of free AI voice generators.

I chose PlayHT because it was free and had good voices.

Generate each voice line and save all the audio files into a folder.

3: Add Voice Files To TikFinity

TikFinity will detect what gifts your viewers are sending and then play the voice files. The cat will then look like it's speaking out the voice lines. We'll set the cat up later.

Create an action in TikFinity for every gift. Below are the important settings. You can ignore anything else.

The top half of the tikfinity action showing that "play audio" has been selected.

The bottom half of the action showing that skip on next action is selected.

Once you've created an action for each audio file and gift, now create an event for each.

TikFinity event showing sending a specific gift selected.

Pro tip: upload multiple voice lines for the same gift then choose "trigger one of these actions" and it will randomly pick.

Scroll down and increase the queue size to 1,000 on screen 1.


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4: Create The Chat with VTS and Plugin

Download VTS and this plugin.

Extract the plugin and run its exe file.

Now change some VTS settings

  1. Click the person icon and choose the cat model

  2. Click the picture icon and choose background 8 so that you have a green background

  3. Click on the settings and find the button that starts the API

  4. Go into your plugin and click Connect in the top left.

  5. Go to camera settings back in VTS and set up your camera but then click to turn it off.

  6. Model when tracking lost: Default

  7. Scroll down on the same page and activate the virtual webcam

  8. Go into the model settings at the top

  9. Scroll down to "mouth open" and click input and scroll all the way down and choose the desktop audio volume option (it will say plugin next to it).

  10. Play a video or any audio to test that the cat's mouth is now moving.

This can be overwhelming. Follow the video at the top if you're stuck.

Customise your cat by clicking the star next to the picture icon to add things. Watch the video to learn how to add the collar.

5: Find Video Background and Music

Search the internet for a lofi bedroom video background and find some copyright-free lofi music such as the Lofi Girl YouTube stream. Play your music on loop using your default desktop audio.

6: Set Up LIVE Studio

  1. Create a blank vertical scene in the bottom left corner.

  2. Click add source > video/image. Loop your video and mute the video. This is your lofi background.

  3. Click add source > camera > VTSVirtualCam (or similar name). Enable the green screen effect option. Set it to 1920x1080. Add the camera.

  4. The cat will need cropping. Click on the camera on the left. Hold alt and drag the squares around the edge of the camera frame to crop.

  5. Click add source > text. Add relevant text like "this cat reacts to gifts".

  6. Click add source > link. On the actions/events page of TikFinity copy the screen 1 URL. ctrl + v to paste and the defaults are fine (play sound).

7: Test Everything

On the actions/events page simulate the gifts at the bottom.

Inside your VTS Desktop Audio Plugin drag the bar on the right up and down if your cats mouth is moving too much or too little.

Search "app volume and device preferences" if you want to send the music to another audio output.

All done!

It can be confusing so watch the video at the top or reach out below.

Thanks for reading!


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