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How To Create Graphics For TikTok LIVE

Let's very quickly create a graphic for our TikTok LIVE that shows the viewers what to send!

1: Download All Images

Save all your images into one folder!

  • Background image - from free sites like Unsplash or Pexels.

  • Gift images - from TikFinity's Sound Alerts page. Do NOT use the desktop app. Use the website. Right click > save image as.

  • Game images - search for "game wiki". For example, search "Minecraft Wiki". Then inside your game's wiki just type in what you want. For example you might search for TNT in the Minecraft Wiki. Then you'd just right click to save it.

  • Google images - the obvious one!


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2: Free Image Editor

Use Canva.

  1. Click custom size in the top right and use a 1080 width and 640 height.

  2. Click on uploads on the left side and upload every image.

  3. Start by adding in your background images.

  4. Click on text on the left and add a header if you want.

  5. Click back onto upload and add it all your other images.

  6. Click on each image to resize it.

  7. If you want arrows then click on elements.

You'll find all the settings for each element above the canvas. For example, click on your text then above the canvas you can change the font size.

When you're ready, hit Share at the top right and choose Download and download it as a PNG file.

3: Add To LIVE Studio or OBS

Inside LIVE Studio or OBS, click add source and choose image.

Once added, simply click on it to move it around and resize it.

Want to get it scrolling? Watch the video above!

Thanks for reading!


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