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How To Add Follow, Sub and Gift Alerts To TikTok LIVE Studio

Alerts for new followers, subscribers and new gifts can now be added to Live Studio. This has been massively improved since Live Studio was launched. So let's add them now!

How To Add Alerts

  1. On the left of Live Studio, click "Add Source".

  2. Select "Alert".

  3. Click the Follower, Subscription and Gift tabs to activate what you want.

  4. Click "Add Source" in the bottom right.

I know for many of you this is probably all you wanted to know. So hit subscribe on my YouTube if you found it useful.

However, keep reading and I'll share some tips and tricks for this feature along with my thoughts on whether you should even use this.

General Customisation

We'll start with customising the alerts. Let's click on the general tab and go over the options.

Firstly, the Layouts section offers two designs. I prefer Layout 2. Click the preview icon in the bottom right if it's not showing properly.

Alert parries decide whether or not alerts get put in a queue. If you want to give a chance for everyone's name to show on the screen then leave it unchecked.

However, if you have an active live stream you could have the alerts backed up by many minutes. So I suggest checking this box if you're expecting a ton of alerts.

Now, click on "Background color" and set the slider to 0% which hides the background colour. This is not needed and simply covers things behind the alerts. Example below.

"Alert Preview" just shows you what each alert looks like and lowering the opacity is just gonna make the text harder to read so I suggest leaving it on max opacity.

Followers, Subscriptions and Gifts Tabs

Now let's quickly look at customising each tab.

Follower Tab

Starting with the Followers tab. Firstly, check the top box if you want to activate follower alerts.

For the custom text, I suggest changing this text from the default. It doesn't really make sense from the viewer's point of view if it says "following you". I have changed mine to "{name} is now following.". I like my grammar so I also added a full stop which TikTok didn't add. Americans call this a period.

You can replace the default photo with any picture greater than 200*300 pixels. Personally, I think the default is fine. If you want to remove the picture completely, try uploading a 200*300 transparent background.

You can choose from one of TikTok's 3 alert sounds or you can press the speaker icon and mute it. I like to mute follower alerts and just have the text so it makes sub and gift alerts feel more special.

I strongly suggest you trigger the alert for every new follower. If you choose a number higher than 1 it simply doesn't show every name.

And finally, you can customise the text colours. The "Highlight" section is the username and the "Common" section is everything else.

Subscriptions Tab

I suggest similar settings for the subs tab except for this time I would recommend leaving the sound enabled so you don't miss when somebody has paid to support you.

Don't forget to change the custom text on this one too. I'll set mine to "{name} just subscribed!".

Gifts Tab

Unfortunately, the gifts tab isn't as customisable as you might want and we'll talk about the alternatives for that shortly. Currently, it doesn't show the gift name.

Firstly though, let's once again customise the gifts text. I'm setting mine to "{name} sent {number} coins!". I'm also leaving sound enabled so once again I don't miss anybody sending me money.

Finally, decide how many coins can trigger the alert. If you set it to 1 then every single gift triggers the alert.

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The TikFinity Alternative

So is this the best option for TikTok LIVE alerts? Well, let's compare it with TikFinity.

I have a full TikFinity tutorial on YouTube so I won't cover it all here. TikFinity is fully functional with Live Studio and also has follow, sub and gift alerts.

I personally use TikFinity because it has way more customisation. When somebody follows, gifts or subs I can play videos, play any sound, use TTS or do any of the other options shown below.

The great thing about TikFinity is I can also set unique alerts for different gifts. A rose and a TikTok Universe don't have to do the same thing!

TikFinity or Live Studio Alerts

So which one should you use? Well, it depends on how much you want to customise your LIVE. If you're looking for simple alerts and want to get set up quickly then just go with LS alerts.

However, if you have 15 or 20 minutes spare then I highly recommend TikFinity. Your viewers will have much more fun with the fully customisable alerts over the plain LS ones.

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Thanks for reading!


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