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How To Add /Cam2 Command To TikTok LIVE

Let's use OBS to add the /cam2 command. LIVE Studio users: you can use this too! Everyone needs to download OBS to begin with.

1: Set Up OBS Websocket and TikFinity.

Click Tools > Websocket Settings. Copy the image.

Go to the TikFinity setup page and copy the image too.

Enable websocket server is checked. Server port is 4455. In TikFinity, the IP is and the port is 4455.

2: Set Up OBS

Optionally use Aitum Vertical for easy vertical scenes.

Click add source and add your audio and optional display capture.

Then add your base camera. Finally add the camera that /cam2 will switch to.

Add a text source for /cam2 if you wish.

The order of the sources matters. Top of the list shows above other ones.

If you use LIVE Studio now is the time to enable the OBS virtual cam or the Aitum virtual cam and add it as a camera source to LS and configure audio on LS too.


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3: Set Up TikFinity

Create a new action like the one below. Also, set the duration further down. Other defaults are fine.

Create a TikFinity action named /cam2 and select the Activate OBS Source box and choose your second camera.

Now create a new event to add the chat command.

Create a new event and choose commenting a command and type /cam2 then select the cam2 action from the list and save

You can press the play icon next to the action to save it.

The video at the top of the page has more info.

Thanks for reading!


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