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8 TikFinity Hacks To Increase Stream Engagement

TikFinity has recently introduced a slew of new features designed to elevate the streaming experience for TikTok users.

From advanced settings to multiple commands for Minecraft events, these updates offer a plethora of customization options. Here's a comprehensive guide to the 8 new features you should be aware of.

1. Keystroke Simulator

The Keystroke Simulator enables you to set up actions that mimic keystrokes. For example, receiving a rose gift could trigger a specific action for a set duration. This feature is particularly beneficial for streamers who want to integrate their TikTok Live with gaming or other interactive experiences. Just create a new action and choose the simulator. Turn on the game compatibility mode!

w key trigger, compatibility mode checked, 2000ms hold duration

2. Stream Profiles

Pro users can now utilize multiple stream profiles. This feature allows you to maintain different sets of alerts and actions for various activities or games. For instance, you can have a profile for Minecraft and another for Fortnite, streamlining the process of switching between different streaming setups.

3. Patreon Support for TikFinity Pro

TikFinity has added a new subscription option for their Pro service via Patreon. This provides an alternative for those who may encounter issues with PayPal or other payment methods. Subscribing through Patreon also grants you a special role on Discord.

4. Import and Export Feature

This feature enables you to export your TikFinity settings and share them with others. Whether it's actions, events, or other configurations, you can effortlessly export and import them with a few clicks. This is particularly useful for sharing custom alerts and actions with friends or collaborators. It is on the setup page.

Screenshot of import and export button from the setup page


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5. Display Top Gifters

You can now showcase your top gifters using TikFinity. This feature can be customized and integrated into your OBS or LIVE Studio setup, offering a dynamic way to acknowledge and engage with your most generous supporters during live streams. More info here.

6. Multiple Commands for Minecraft

For Minecraft streamers, TikFinity now allows you to configure actions with multiple Minecraft commands. You can even insert delays between each command, providing a new layer of interaction and engagement with your viewers.

The Minecraft command editor showing 3 commands assigned to 1 action

7. Use Display Names in Overlays

A new advanced setting allows you to use the display names of users in overlays instead of their @ handles. This can make your overlays appear cleaner and more personalized. This is at the bottom of the setup page.

8. TikFinity Desktop App

For a more stable and feature-rich experience, TikFinity now offers a desktop app. Features like subscriber alerts and the keystroke simulator are exclusive to the desktop app, making it the go-to platform for dedicated streamers. Get it here.

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