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4 Methods For Improving TikTok LIVE Studio

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

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I use all these methods to improve the quality of my TikTok streams. The goal is simple: more viewers and more money!

Here is my 4-step process.

1: Get The Best Settings

Pretty simply just copy the settings below.

Still lagging? Lower it to 720p.

2: Improve Your Stream Graphics

You need to stand out from the crowd of live streamers using LIVE Studio.

Do that by making unique custom graphics. You could use free image editing software like GIMP. However, this takes a lot of time to learn.

Instead, I simply hired a 5-star Fiverr artist to create some custom graphics and the results were amazing!

Above is just a small example of the fantastic work they produced for me.

Next, I simply added it to LIVE Studio as an image source. I also created separate scenes for Starting, Gameplay, Chatting, AFK and Ending.


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3: Improve Your Sub Emotes

The key to getting more subscribers and therefore making more money is to improve your subscriber offering.

One of the easiest ways to do that is by making better sub emotes.

So once again I chose a top-selling Fiverr artist to help me make the best emotes.

I asked for some cartoon versions of me and once again here is a stunning sample:

To add a new emote head to the subscription settings in the live center.

4: Use Custom Alerts

I will be putting a black cat gif on the screen when I get a new follower along with the name of the viewer.

So once again I found a fantastic Fiverr animator to create me a gif of a black cat.

And here was my black cat, all ready to go on my stream:

To add follow alerts I used TikFinity.

Create a new action and type "Thanks for following" into the "Show Alert" section. I then simply chose the gift option to add my cat. Now save the action.

Create a new event with the "follow" trigger and choose your action from the list.

Finally, add screen 1 further down the page as a link source to LIVE Studio.

Thanks to Fiverr for supporting this article. Code HARRY gives 10% off.

Thanks for reading!


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