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2024 TikFinity Setup - Everything You Need To Know

Here are the steps required to set up TikFinity so you have great alerts for your TikTok LIVE stream.

I'll show how to use text-to-speech to read out chat messages, how to trigger sounds when you get gifts and fully customisable alerts for subs, follows, gifts, likes and more


These are affiliate links that give you a 20% discount on TikFinity Pro. Everything in my guide can be done for free though.

Click on the setup page, sign up with email and then insert your TT username. You DO NOT need to be live to set it up. Do not press the connect button yet.

Sound Alerts

On this page, you can trigger sounds when an event happens. An event is a specific gift, any gift, follow, sub, like, sub emote etc.

Just click "Create Sound Alert" and then choose a trigger and sound. That simple!

The TikFinity Sound Alerts page

TTS Chat

TikFinity can read out loud chat messages. To prevent abuse and to encourage people to give you money I suggest limiting this to gifters and subs.

The screenshots are my recommended settings.

Top of the TTS Chat page
Bottom of the TTS Chat page


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Actions & Events

This page allows your viewers to trigger audio, video, text, pictures, Minecraft commands and more. This is triggered by gifts, subs, follow, likes, shares etc.

In LIVE Studio or OBS please add screen 1 as a link source or browser source. Don't forget to rename it!

A follow alert

Here are some screenshots of suggested actions/events.

New Follow

Put the viewer's name on the screen when they follow.

Screenshot of LIVE Studio showing a follower alert

Here's the action and event. I recommend a 4-second duration and all the other default options are fine.

TikFinity follow action
Screenshot of TikFinity follower event

New Gifts Over 99 Coins

In this example, we make an alert for any gift over 99 coins.

LIVE Studio showing an alert for a money gun

Here's the action/event. Do NOT check "repeat with gift combos". The defaults at the bottom of the action work fine.

TikFinity action for new gifts over 99 coins
TikFinity event for coins over 99

New Specific Gift

We can play an action for a specific gift. In this example for every TT universe, we play a sui video.

Ronaldo sui video plays when viewer sends TT universe

Here is the action/event. I suggest uploading your own video rather than using the YT option.

Make sure you check repeat with gift combos at the bottom of the action. All other defaults are fine. The duration should be the video length.

TikFinity action for a specific gift which plays a video
TikFinity event for a specific gift

New Sub

This alert will read out loud whenever you get a sub.

Screenshot of a sub alert

Here is the action/event. Duration is 10 seconds. Other defaults are fine.

TikFinity action showing TTS for a new sub
TikFinity event for a new sub

Thanks for reading!


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