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Viewers Control Your Keyboard - Free TikFinity Plugin

This guide shows how to set up the super simple TikFinity keystrokes plugin so your TikTok LIVE viewers can control your keyboard with gifts, subs, follows and more.

1: Install TikFinity Desktop Client

Click the link above then download and run the installer.

2: Create An Account Or Login

Once you've opened the client, click on the setup page and either login or sign up.

Once done, type your TikTok username into the box at the top of the page.

3: Create An Action

Head to the Actions & Events page.

Click create new action.

Type in the name of your action. For example, if we want the viewer to press our W key we will name it "Press W".

Scroll down and check Simulate Keystrokes then click Select Keystroke. This will open the keystroke selection tool.

Type what you want the viewer to do. You can type multiple characters. Save the keystroke(s).

If you're streaming with LS, OBS or Streamlabs and not from your phone, you may also want to check the Show Alert or Read Text boxes. This will tell the viewers what has happened. If you do this, scroll down and add screen 1 as a link source to LS or as a browser source to OBS.

When you're happy with your action settings, scroll down and press save. The other default options are just fine.



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4: Create An Event

Click on Create New Event.

Allow everyone to trigger it and decide what the trigger is. I believe in most scenarios a specific gift is the best trigger. e.g. viewer sends rose, W key is pressed.

Once the gift or other trigger is chosen, choose your action from the list and save the event.

Congrats. You are all done!

Simply head to the Start page of TikFinity AFTER going live to start up TikFinity.

Thanks for reading!


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