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Two Simple Ways To Stream On TikTok LIVE With No Followers

It is ridiculously easy to gain access to TikTok LIVE without 1K followers. Here are two methods. You can get a stream key, do LIVE Battles from your phone, get LIVE Studio or do mobile gaming!

1: LIVE Agencies

TikTok LIVE agencies are free to join and most of them accept creators with less than 1,000 followers.

I have created a verified list of agencies here. No bad agencies on my list!

The site also explains other benefits and why they are free.

Once you're in the agency. TikTok LIVE is unlocked!


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2: Apply for LIVE Studio

Use this link to apply for LS.

TikTok will review your application then grant access even below 1,000 followers.

Thanks for reading!


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