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Three Ways To Create A Vertical Multistream - Stream On Instagram Live, TikTok and YouTube Shorts!

Instagram recently released its stream keys to more people so let's set up a vertical multistream with three different methods.

Stream Keys

Below is how to find your stream key on each platform.

  1. Instagram - Switch to a professional account then on a desktop PC click on "Create" and choose "Live video". Choose a title and choose "public" and your stream key will appear.

  2. TikTok LIVE - Join a free TikTok LIVE agency to get a stream key then obtain it from the LIVE Center.

  3. YouTube - Hit create and press go live. Apart from the Aitum Vertical method, you don't need the stream key.


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  1. Add your three platforms on the destinations page.

  2. Set up a vertical OBS stream. Use a 1080x1920 canvas.

  3. Click settings > stream > custom.

  4. In YoloCast, head to stream source and click "RTMP(s) / SRT (Default)". Then click "Create Live Event".

  5. After filling out the info you'll see a server URL and stream key to copy into OBS.

  6. Go live from OBS.

  7. Then start the stream on the YoloCast website.

  8. Finally, start the stream from Instagram. It will auto-start on the other two.

Don't forget to end the stream on TikTok, Instagram, YoloCast and OBS!


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Aitum Vertical

Download and install OBS then the same for Aitum Vertical then open OBS.

  1. Click docks at the top and enable all the vertical docks.

  2. Click the settings cog on Aitum Vertical and set the canvas to 1080x1920.

  3. Set up some scenes and sources.

  4. Click back into settings and into the streaming section. Click "+Add" three times and add in each stream key. You can obtain the YouTube key from YouTube Studio. My video above explains more detail.

  5. Set the bitrate to 6k. NOTE: this means 18k in reality because it is 3x6k.

  6. Save the Aitum settings and click the green button to go live.

  7. Start the stream from Instagram and YT if needed. TikTok will automatically start.

Don't forget to end it everywhere!

Streamlabs Ultra

My affiliate link will give you $9 off Ultra.

  1. Download Streamlabs Desktop and log in with YouTube.

  2. Click the settings cog and navigate to stream and connect IG and TikTok.

  3. Change the video settings to a 1080x1920 canvas.

  4. Set up sources.

  5. Click "Go Live" in the bottom right.

  6. Get your stream keys from TikTok and Instagram (see top).

  7. Confirm and go live.

  8. Start the stream on the Instagram page too.

Don't forget to end it everywhere!

This is quite complicated to explain via text so I strongly suggest you watch the video at the top of the page.

Thanks for reading!


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