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The Ultimate OBS Guide for TikTok LIVE Streaming in 2024

Here's my complete guide to streaming on TikTok LIVE from OBS in 2024.

1: Get A Stream Key

The only way to get one is via a free-to-join agency. Don't worry, I've made a verified list of agencies. Watch the video further down that page if you want to learn more about them. It can take 15 days to get your free stream key.

2: Install OBS and Aitum Vertical

Download and install OBS but don't open it. That's because you first need to download and install Aitum Vertical too.

Now open OBS. If you can't see Aitum Vertical click on Docks at the top and select everything with the word Vertical.

3: Get Good Settings

Click Profile > New. Name your profile, I chose "Twitch + TikTok LIVE". Make sure you leave the auto config box checked.

Choose a 1920x1080 canvas and 60fps.

Choose a landscape streaming platform of your choice and uncheck the box to estimate bitrate. Manually type 6,000 as your bitrate.

Press OK twice and you now have great settings.

4: Add Audio

Click File > Settings > Audio.

Add your headset as Desktop Audio and add your microphone too.

The OBS audio settings page shows that the headset and mic are added

After pressing OK, right-click your microphone and add the RNNoise noise suppression filter.


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5: Add Scenes

At the top click on Scene Collection. I called mine "Twitch + TikTok LIVE Scenes".

Underneath scenes create one called "Camera" and one called "Computer Display". Do the same underneath vertical scenes. Simply add the word "Vertical" in front. For example: "Vertical Camera".

Right click your vertical scenes and link them to the landscape ones.

6: Add Sources (Camera and Display)

Click the plus button on the correct scenes to add what you need. This means adding the camera to the camera scene and adding display capture along with a camera to the computer display scene. Repeat the step for vertical sources.

You might want custom camera settings as below. 1920x1080 if your camera is 1080p.

Optimal camera settings for the OBSBOT Tail Air showing 4k resolution and MJPEG format with 30fps

To resize any OBS source, click on the source and drag the squares or right-click it and choose transform and fit to screen.

7: Optional Modifications

  1. TikFinity - This helps increase engagement by adding alerts for new follows, gifts, subs and more.

  2. CasterLabs - This lets you show multistream chat on screen or is just an easy way to read your chat inside OBS.

8: Go LIVE!

Go live using the LIVE Center. As said earlier, you need a stream key from a free-to-join agency.

Landscape TikTok stream: Enter your URL and key into File > Settings > Stream.

Vertical TikTok stream: Click the Aitum Vertical Settings and enter your key into "Streaming".

With any luck you should now have a nice-looking OBS stream as below!

Harry holds his thumb up as seen from inside OBS. Indicating that OBS is all set up.

Thanks for reading!


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