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The Best TikTok LIVE Studio Update Yet - Compatibility Mode Plus Themes

Let's look at how to stream in vertical and landscape mode on TikTok at the same time and also how to add free themes to TikTok LIVE Studio.

Compatibility Mode

On LIVE Studio, click in the top left to change to compatibility mode.

Screenshot showing the compatibility mode setting in the top left corner of tiktok live studio

Now you have both a landscape AND vertical canvas. When the viewer first finds your stream they see it in vertical. They can then press a button to switch to landscape. This gives your viewers more choices and means you can get a great-looking stream for both landscape and vertical modes!

The easiest way to set this up is to click on "add scene" at the bottom and select the "camera only" option. Now just adjust your camera and your display and you're good to go. Did you know you can enlarge the view of both canvases by clicking the edit button?

A gif showing how to edit the canvas so you can see it larger.

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TikTok has now added four FREE themes to LIVE Studio. To access them click "add scene" at the bottom left then click "go to theme library".

Screenshot of TikTok's new theme library showing four varied themes.

From here you can simply click "Add Theme" but I recommend clicking "View Detail" instead and choosing just the scenes that you want.

Gif showing customisation of the theme so that just the camera only theme is picked.

Now you've got a nice camera border. If you chose the "full" or "left" themes your goals and other graphics will also be fully customised!

Screenshot of fully customised theme using the Aurora theme.

Make sure you add any further desired sources to your stream. For example, I personally use TikFinity.

Thanks for reading!


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