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Quick & Easy: Two Ways to Stream TikTok LIVE in 2024 With Streamlabs!

Here are two methods to get access to TikTok LIVE and two methods to livestream from Streamlabs that work in 2024.

Btw this is free but if you ever choose to upgrade to Streamlabs Ultra then you can use my affiliate link to get $9 off.

Get Access

You need to do one of these two methods or you can't stream from Streamlabs Desktop.

  1. Falcon Application - Apply for special access to stream directly from Streamlabs Desktop.

  2. Stream Key - Join a free-to-join agency to get a stream key along with training and protection from false bans. This is my recommended method.


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Two Streaming Methods

Regardless of your method, download Streamlabs Desktop from here.

1: Standard Canvas

This gives you a single landscape or vertical canvas. Did you know you can stream in landscape on TikTok? It's your choice!

  1. Click settings in the bottom left

  2. Navigate to Video

  3. Set your canvas to 1920x1080 for landscape or 1080x1920 for vertical.

  4. Choose 60 FPS

  5. 32 Samples.

Press done to save your settings.

2: Dual Output

This gives both a landscape and vertical canvas. You can stream for free to two platforms. Currently, I recommend TikTok in landscape and YouTube Shorts in vertical. Even better though, I recommend using Streamlabs Ultra to multistream on up to 8 platforms. My affiliate link gives a discount.

  1. Click settings in the bottom left

  2. Navigate to Video

  3. Enable Dual Output in the top right

  4. Horizontal should be 1920x1080, 60 FPS and 32 samples

  5. Vertical should be 1080x1920, 60 FPS and 32 samples

Press done to save the settings.

Check out other recommended settings here.

Set Up Your Stream

Click the plus button next to the sources

  • Add Video Capture Device for camera

  • Add Display Capture for your computer screen

  • Add Browser Source for TikFinity

  • Add an Alert Box for Twitch/YT alerts

If using Dual Output then hover the mouse over each source to show/hide each source in the vertical or landscape canvas.

Click on each source to resize it. Hold alt and drag squares to crop.

Click into settings > audio. Add headset and mic. Right-click your mic in the audio section and add a noise suppression filter.


Hit "Go Live" in the bottom right. Choose which platforms you want to stream on.

Use my Ultra Affiliate Link to get $9 off the first month and stream on up to 8 platforms.

Thanks for reading!


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