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How To Stream On TikTok With Streamlabs Dual Output

You can now stream on two platforms for free with Streamlabs Dual Output. This means you can stream on TikTok/YouTube in vertical mode and Twitch/YouTube/Kick in landscape!

1: Get a TikTok Stream Key

To kickstart your TikTok streaming journey, you'll first need a TikTok stream key. The most straightforward way to obtain one is by joining a TikTok live agency. These agencies are free to join and are usually country-specific.

You can find a list of available agencies here.

If you're unable to secure a stream key, don't fret; we'll explore alternative methods later in this post.

2: Enable Streamlabs Dual Output

After installing Streamlabs Desktop, navigate to the settings and activate the Dual Output feature. This functionality allows you to stream in both landscape and vertical orientations.

Screenshot showing correct dual output settings (1080x1920)

3: Add Sources and Filter

Underneath sources click the + button and add "display capture" and "video capture device". This adds your camera and screen.

Click on them to resize them on each canvas. Hover over a source name to hide it from the vertical or landscape canvas.

Click the settings next to your microphone and add a noise suppression filter named RNNoise.


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4: How to stream to more than two platforms

By default, Streamlabs permits streaming to two platforms simultaneously at no cost. However, if you wish to extend your reach to more platforms, you'll need to upgrade to Streamlabs Ultra.

This premium service allows multi-streaming on up to seven platforms and offers a range of themes and matching alert boxes.

You can get $9 off using my affiliate link.

5: What to do if you don't have a stream key

If obtaining a TikTok stream key proves challenging, you can still go live on TikTok using Streamlabs' Dual Output feature in tandem with Live Studio. This setup enables you to stream on TikTok as well as other platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

A screenshot of the virtual webcam settings inside Streamlabs desktop
  1. Enable the virtual webcam in the Streamlabs settings

  2. Inside LIVE Studio, add a camera source

  3. Select the Streamlabs Virtual Cam and set it to 60 FPS

  4. Click on it to expand it to full size

  5. Optionally, hold alt and drag to crop it down to just your camera

For any help, click into my Discord below or watch the video at the top!

Thanks for reading!


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