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How To Stop TikTok LIVE Warnings, Bans, Restrictions and Limits

Things you hate to see: "This LIVE is limited", "LIVE visibility restricted" and more. Let's look at how to stop this!

Follow The Rules!

To state the obvious, if you break TikTok's terms of service or community guidelines then you're obviously gonna get banned or restricted!

I have long argued though that their rules are not clear enough for TikTok LIVE. They are mainly aimed at videos.

Why Do TikTok Restrictions Happen?

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Detection: TikTok's AI can detect certain words or visuals that might be against their guidelines. If it identifies something it doesn't like, it might apply a restriction, warning, or ban.

  2. Content Scanning: The platform scans for specific content types, such as sleep streams. If the AI believes you're broadcasting this type of content, you might face a restriction.

  3. Mass Reporting: Even in 2023, creators face restrictions due to mass reporting. An AI system reviews these reports, scans your stream, and might mistakenly think you've violated guidelines.


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Steps to Avoid Warnings and Restrictions

  1. Join a TikTok Live Agency: These agencies can offer support, especially if you face a false ban. They have direct contact with TikTok and can assist if you've been unjustly banned. Find a list of agencies here.

  2. Add a Camera to Your Stream: Some creators believe that not having a camera on their stream leads to restrictions. Ensure you have a visual element to your streams.

  3. Mind Your Language: Limit the use of words like "follow", "gift", "like", and "sub". Overuse might trigger the AI.

  4. Edit Your Alerts: If you believe your alerts are causing restrictions, modify them. For instance, instead of "Thanks for following", you can use "Thanks for joining my community".

  5. Change Gift Icons: The AI might detect certain gift icons. Try using different images or modifying existing ones to avoid detection.

  6. Adjust Your Content: If you're streaming content that TikTok frequently restricts, consider changing it. For instance, avoid 18+ themed video games.

  7. Study Successful Creators: Observe creators who manage to avoid restrictions. Learn from their strategies and adapt them to your streams.

  8. Consider Using a VPN: Some creators believe that using a VPN set to the US reduces restrictions. While there's no concrete evidence, it might be worth a try. Check out my NordVPN affiliate link. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee!


TikTok LIVE is a fantastic platform for creators, but it comes with its challenges. By understanding the platform's restrictions and adapting your strategies, you can enjoy a smoother streaming experience. Remember to always experiment with your stream setup and stay updated with TikTok's guidelines.

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