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How To Get A TikTok LIVE Stream Key In 2024

Updated: Jan 2

In 2024 there is only one way to get a stream key.

1,000 followers does not get you a stream key. Even millions of followers won't get you one.

A screenshot of the TikTok stream key page in the live producer

How To Get A Key

TikTok only hands out stream keys to people who join free TikTok LIVE agencies.

Here are the steps.

  1. Head to my list of free agencies.

  2. Read the page to find out why they are free then scroll down.

  3. Choose an agency from the list. It must be in your country or they will reject you.

  4. Once you've joined, ask the agency for a stream key.

How To Find Your Key

Once you're in the free agency you'll know you have your key when the "Go LIVE" button appears on your TikTok profile when viewed from desktop.

Screenshot of Go LIVE button

Click through and press "Go LIVE" again. Don't worry, you're not live. Add your info and once again press "Go LIVE". You're still not live!

Now go into your streaming software and paste the server URL and stream key.

Screenshot of OBS stream settings

Finally, hit "Start Streaming" inside your software (such as OBS or Streamlabs) and you're now live on TikTok with your new stream key!

Thanks for reading!


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