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How To Add Chat Commands To TikTok LIVE

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

This is how to add chat commands to TikTok LIVE. This is aimed at people with a stream key or Live Studio but some of this can work for phone streamers too.

Let's start with what this can't do. TikTok does not currently allow chatbots like NightBot or Streamlabs so the result of any chat command gets played directly on your LIVE. In other words, it shows on the screen or through the LIVE audio.


To add commands we are using TikFinity. You can check out my more extensive TikFinity tutorial here.

If you haven't already, click on the setup page and make an account and add your username.

One final important thing to note before we start is while LIVE on TikTok, TikFinity's website must be kept open or minimised for it to work and it's always a good idea to refresh or click this connect button after going live.

What Commands Can I Add?

Let's look at what commands you can add and then we'll add a basic example.

So we head to the actions and events page and create a new action and choose what to do.

As you can see, you now have the option to add any of these. You can add animation, pictures, gifs, audio, video, youtube video, and text which also shows the username and profile pic if you want. TTS will read out loud anything after the command. (.e.g !tts hello streamer!)

The more advanced stuff is at the bottom. You can do stuff with OBS scenes but make sure you click on the setup page and set it up first. and even more advanced than that, which I won't really cover is the snap camera stuff and triggering webhooks.

In the example above, I have created an Age Command action that plays a sound and outputs my age.

How Can A VPN Help Me?

NordVPN will block unwanted ads and protect your privacy online. You probably knew that.

Did you also know that by using NordVPN you can access Live Studio? TikTok lets anybody with a UK IP address download it. So go ahead and set your NordVPN to the UK and give it a go.

You can also use NordVPN to make new TikTok accounts to target specific countries.

So if you want to support me and browse with privacy online then go to and sign up for a huge discount!

Adding Chat Commands Is A 3 Step Process

1: Create A New Action

  • On the actions & events page, click Create New Action.

  • Name your action. e.g. "Age command"

  • Choose what the chat command will do. Remember any pictures or videos will show on the stream. Any audio will be heard by all viewers.

  • Add a duration that the command appears.

  • Decide whether the viewer will gain or lose channel points. Many people simply leave this on 0.

  • You can leave all other options on the default setting.

  • Save the action.

2: Create A New Event

  • Click Create New Event.

  • Decide who can trigger the command. e.g. Mods only.

  • Click on "Commenting a command" and choose the command name. Most people use an exclamation mark. e.g. !age

  • Choose the action you made from the "Trigger all of these actions" list.

  • Optional: Instead of the command triggering just one action. You can set it to randomly pick between multiple. For example, you could make a "heads" and "tails" action and a command named "!toss" and then set it to randomly pick.

  • Save the event.

3: Add The Screen To Your Software

The final and most important step is to link it with your streaming software. This is because the output of every command appears on your stream and not in chat. There are methods for OBS, Streamlabs and Live Studio users.

OBS and Streamlabs Users

  • On the actions & events page of TikFinity, scroll down and click on the relevant screen number to copy the URL. You can check which screen your command is on by looking at the actions at the top of the page.

  • In OBS or Streamlabs click the create new source button.

  • Choose the Browser Source option.

  • Replace the OBS URL with the TikFinity URL.

  • Choose your screen dimensions. Leave it as default and change it later if you're not sure.

  • If you're playing sound tick the box saying "shut down source when not visible".

  • Leave everything else as the default option.

  • Click OK.

TikTok Live Studio Users

  • On the actions & events page of TikFinity, scroll down and click on the relevant screen number to copy the URL. You can check which screen your command is on by looking at the actions at the top of the page.

  • Inside Live Studio, click Add Source and select Link.

  • Paste the TikFinity screen URL into the box.

  • Add a custom resolution if you want, you can change this later if required.

  • Make sure sound is enabled if required.

  • Click Add Source.

Congratulations! Your chat command has been successfully added to your stream. Don't forget to refresh the TikFinity website after going live.

Test Your Commands

As an optional step, you can test your commands to see if they work. Just head to the actions & events page on TikFinity and to the left of each action press the blue play icon. The chosen action will display on your broadcasting software.

And that is the basics of chat commands on TikTok. If you want to go even more in-depth then watch this video. You will learn about TTS commands, channel points and a whole lot more.

Thanks for reading!


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