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Everything You Need To Know About TikTok LIVE Subscriptions

Let's dive into the details of TikTok subs!


You need:


  • LIVE access

  • Complete level 2 of the Creator Growth Program. Stream for 120 minutes and stream on 3 different days.

What is LIVE Subscription?

A way for streamers to earn more money from TikTok LIVE and a way for viewers to financially support their favourite streamer.

In exchange, the viewer gets perks.

Default viewer perks:

  • Subscriber badge

  • Subscriber emotes

  • Subscriber-only gifts

  • Subscriber-only chat

The streamer can also add extra perks at their discretion such as a Discord role, a follow back or whatever they want!

How Much Does It Cost The Viewer?

In most countries, a subscription costs between $4.50 to $6 (US dollars).

A subscription is cheaper when purchased via the desktop website instead of the app.

How Much Does The Streamer Get?

Based on a $6 subscription:

  • Apple/Google take 30% - $1.80

  • TikTok takes 35% - $2.10

  • Streamer gets 35% - $2.10

The $2.10 is paid as 420 diamonds into their gift balance on the 15th of every month. You can then cash out the diamonds the same way you cash out gift diamonds.


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How To Cancel

To cancel a TikTok LIVE Subscription use the TikTok app. Go to Settings > Settings and privacy > LIVE > Live subscriptions. Choose the subscription you'd like to cancel.

Alternatively, cancel the subscription via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

LIVE Center Settings

Here are my tips and tricks for editing your subscription settings.

Start by clicking the link above from your computer.

Badges and Goals

The badge is up to four letters and shows that the viewer is a sub.

The page where you see what your sub badges look like

I suggest choosing something original that is part of your branding. Do not choose "Subs" if you can help it.

You can also choose to set a subscription goal to encourage more subs.


Emotes are very important as this is one of the primary reasons a viewer will sub. So they can spam your unique emotes into the chat.

High-Quality Emotes

Check out the high-quality emotes I got from Fiverr.

5 high quality TikTok emotes

Use code HARRY to get 10% off Fiverr purchases. The artist who made my emotes is Mikucchi.

Click either of the two Fiverr links above to support my work!


This is free image editing software that you can use to make your own emotes:


On the perks page, you can add more perks to your subscription offer. This includes a Discord integration.

Tips and Tricks

Check out this article that I wrote if you're trying to get more subscriptions and make more money!

Thanks for reading!


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